Tesla Supercharging cities

Located amidst the farmland in Kettleman City, California you will find one of Tesla’s newest and largest Supercharger stations.  Boasting 40 Superchargers that are available 24/ 7 and providing up to 120kW. This location even has a Tesla customer lounge, vending machines, restrooms, and plenty of nearby restaurants to the likes of Bravo Farms, Denny’s, Jack in the Box, Carl’s Jr., and Starbucks.

You will also find a couple of budget hotels nearby if needed.  Tesla set up displays that show it’s Powerwall batteries and solar panels. A second Supercharger station site was built in Baker, California to connect Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Telsa is ahead of the charging station game when it comes to electric vehicle infrastructure. There will be a lot of new EV offerings from the major car companies in the near future, and in turn, a lot more electric vehicles on the roadways that require the ability to quick charge. Even know there are plans for development, and we are seeing better coverage than before by non-Tesla EV charging companies, Tesla has already moved full steam ahead.


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