Extra incentive to go electric for Californians.

Getting ready to purchase an electric or plug in hybrid vehicle and live in San Diego, California? You may have an extra incentive to do so with a new pilot program. It appears that all Californians will be able to apply for the program if the pilot is successful. Per the California Clean Vehicle Rebate project page;

“Through a pilot launched on January 30, 2018, CVRP introduced an option to get preapproved for a rebate called CVRP Rebate Now. The pilot is limited to San Diego County residents and will give eligible residents the opportunity to be preapproved for a CVRP rebate prior to purchasing or leasing an eligible vehicle.

The CVRP Rebate Now option will be launched statewide after a successful pilot. More details will be announced in our Frequently Asked Questions as statewide planning is finalized”

For more information on applying for the rebate visit the CVRP page at https://cleanvehiclerebate.org/eng/rebatenow

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