Tesla Model S tops German luxury vehicle sales on their own ground

The Tesla Model S outpaced sales of German luxury vehicles last year like the BMW 7 series and Mercedes S-class on their own ground. This is the first time Tesla Model S has succeeded taking top sales in Europe, however, this same feat was accomplished on American soil last year as reported by CleanTechnica in July.

To be fair the Tesla Model S is an electric vehicle born from the ground up and the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-Class are internal combustion through and through, but all are considered luxury vehicles.

Electric vehicles are gaining ground especially in Europe and the numbers reported by Automotive News Europe are encouraging to see. Using data from JATO Dynamics they reported sales of the Tesla Model S increased 30 percent to 16,132, Mercedes S class increased 3 percent to 13,359, and BMW 7 series sales were down 13 percent with a total of 11,375.

It will be interesting to see how the luxury automakers respond to these numbers. The electric vehicle market is here to stay, and sales of EVs are gaining ground as battery technology gets better and more potential buyers are gaining trust in a vehicle without a traditional internal combustion engine. Let me know your thoughts on what you believe this means for the competition. Leave your comments below.

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