A whole lot of Teslas means a lot of logistics

A recent photo was tweeted by @sinak on Twitter that was taken by @rjmiddleton during a drone flight showing a parking lot full of Teslas in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. The Teslas appear to be ready for delivery to customers.

We are seeing a lot more photos recently with parking lots filled with Teslas. The logistics of moving these vehicles from Tesla’s Fremont, California assembly line to customers throughout the world is a feat for any company, but especially for a company as young as Tesla.

With the launch of Tesla’s first mass produced luxury vehicle the Model S back in 2012, then the Model X in 2015, and now the newest addition to the lineup for 2017, the Model 3, Tesla needs a lot of acreage to store their vehicles until they are sent to service centers for delivery to customers.

It will be interesting to see how logistics and customer deliveries flow once Tesla hits it 5,000 units per week goal for Model 3 production. On top of all this they are aiming to rollout their Semi in 2019 and the Roadster in 2020.

With 300,000 plus vehicles already produced to date, Tesla has learned a lot in the process, has expanded their operations, and continues to automate their processes.

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