Waymo releases Jaguar I-Pace self-driving teaser video

Waymo announced they are teaming up with Jaguar and adding up to 20,000 I-Pace all-electric vehicles over the next few years to their fleet. Waymo will design and engineer them into self-driving vehicles to bring the luxury I-Pace to its transportation services. They just released a teaser video which you can watch here.

Per Waymo’s website, they have driven over 5 million self-driven miles, over 25,000 autonomous miles a week, and 2.7 billion simulated miles in 2017. Waymo to date has been testing its self-driving Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivan on public roads.

Waymo plans to introduce its self-driving service in Phoneix Arizona first and will cover 100 square miles, said John Krafcik, the companies chief executive as he talked with reporters at the New York International Auto Show.

Mr. Krafcik also said “Members of the public will be able to take our cars anywhere in our service area,” he went on to say “We will be driving everywhere, dense, urban centers, high-speed roads, low-speed roads, suburbs.”

How I see it

There will be increased scrutiny and potential increased regulation for companies wanting to operate self-driving vehicles In the wake of the recent incident involving one of Uber’s self-driving vehicles in Tempe, Arizona, in which a woman was struck and killed while crossing a street at night outside of a crosswalk.

Waymo may find it harder to launch their service as soon as they hoped if new regulations are proposed. Self-driving technology is here to stay and is moving forward, but companies driving this technology must put safety and fail-safe systems first if they are to succeed.

Featured photo credit, Waymo
Photo Waymo
Photo Waymo

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