Guess what Nissan launched today for their “Your eyes will light up too.” Campaign?

Yesterday I wrote a quick article because Nissan posted a teaser video clip on their social media accounts with “Your eyes will light up too.” They also included the hashtags #NissanLEAF AND #SimplyAmazing which pointed towards a new upcoming announcement, or so it seemed for the Nissan LEAF.

Today they posted a new campaign for the 2018 Nissan LEAF with, “We make technology that moves people. This is the All-New Nissan LEAF.”

So, for all the guesses, including mine, we didn’t get what we were hoping for like the 64 kWh LEAF, or the release of the NISMO version. But, Nissan did launch a new campaign for the Nissan LEAF and that is encouraging for all of us EV enthusiasts.

How I see it

Any campaign is good for the electric vehicle industry and in turn good for consumers. Electric vehicles tend to get very little “air time” in general compared to fossil vehicles, especially in the US market.

Competition in the electric vehicle market is heating up with many manufactures budgeting huge amounts of funds for upcoming new model releases in the coming years. Increased campaigns will give greater awareness to non-electric vehicle owners and increase EV sales. In turn, this should, over time, bring electric vehicle prices down.

Photo Nissan
Photo Nissan

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