The next time you are pulled over by the police you may see a Nissan LEAF in your rear view mirror

As seen in this video the all-electric new 2018 Nissan LEAF has been put to work as a police vehicle in Japan. This is not surprising as the vehicle has an attractive price and is very capable with an increased EPA rated range of 151 miles.

The 2018 Nissan LEAF is more aggressive looking than the previous generation, and I have to admit, it does not look to bad as a black and white police cruiser with emergency lights on top.

The video and description are all in Japanese so you will have to be able to understand, or be able to read Japanese. Per Google translation for the video description;

As a public relations enlightenment support car (so-called “blue pato”) responsible for crime prevention in each region of Fukuoka prefecture, we used a total of 22 new Nissan Leafs at the Fukuoka Traffic Safety Association all together. The association-sponsored “Blue Pato departure ceremony” was held as the 4/3 spring traffic safety campaign began.

How I see it

We are seeing more electric vehicles being put to the test as police cruisers throughout the world, including here in the US. As electric vehicle battery technology becomes more advanced with longer capable ranges, quicker charging, and dependability, we are likely to see more commercial use of these vehicles.

The Nissan LEAF has come a long way and has finally had a significant update for 2018. There have been reports of #rapidgate, which is a throttling of kW and increased charging times when using DC fast charging multiple times on the new LEAF. This is likely to protect the 40kWh battery since it does not have thermal battery management. It will be interesting to see how this may affect it’s use for commercial purposes.

Photo Nissan
Photo Nissan

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