Tesla Model 3 production to shoot for 6,000 units weekly with 24/7 operations per leaked employee email

A leaked email at Tesla addressed to employees from Elon Musk that has been verified and reported by multiple sources sets the tone for a goal of 6,000 units a week and to start 24/7 operations.

In the email Elon Musk talks about shooting for a 6,000 unit weekly goal to set a margin of error to reach a minimum of 5,000 units a week. He explains how he expects all departments, including contractors, and sub-contractors to meet these goals.

Musk goes on to address outside criticism of not being a profitable company, and how in the past it was ok not to be profitable, but now they must become profitable.

He addresses cutting costs where possible, streamlining management meetings, and eliminating unnecessary meetings all together.

He discussed the current stop of Model 3 production to put systems in place to ramp up production to 3000-4000 units weekly, and a second upgrade of systems to take place at the end of May to finalize systems to push towards the 6,000 unit goal in June.

Musk addressed the fit and finish of the vehicles and how he wants them to be perfect, and if a customer pulls a tape measure out and finds something off, then the customers tape measure must be broken.

Musk ends the email with congratulations towards the Tesla team for all their efforts to date.

How I see it

Elon Musk has been present at the Fremont Factory and even sleeping at the factory to oversee operations. There were a lot of recent reports that gave him criticism for being there and not trusting, or having the proper management in place.

This email clearly lays out that Musk has been very observant and critical of operations at the Fremont factory and is making a lot of changes to bring production levels in line to match his goals.

You can read the entire email that Electrek said they obtained here.

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