Autonomous EV Charging Robot Technology

Bjorn Nyland otherwise known as TeslaBjorn on YouTube has been in South Korea for the last week or so, and has been giving subscribers to his YouTube channel some great content while there.

He has been reviewing the new Kia Niro EV, visiting companies that make fast chargers, showing the South Korea charging infrastructure, and now, my favorite, he reviewed an awesome new L2 EV autonomous charging robot by Samsung called EVAR.

During the review he shows the hardware needed attached to a Kia Soul EV, how the robot navigates by mapping and sensors to the vehicle, detects the hardware, and invokes charging. The robot is a prototype that currently has a 10 kWh recycled battery with active cooling, but no heating, which Nyland said he does not think it requires at this point. Nyland said this looks like promising technology and could solve current problems with charging an EV, like being blocked by fossil cars, or chargers not being available.

How I See It

I think robotic autonomous EV charging looks very promising and agree with Nyland that this could potentially solve some of the current frustrations with the EV charging infrastructure. I would especially like to see this technology developed for public parking areas like grocery stores, shopping malls, and places of work. Bjorn Nyland puts out great content and is an EV advocate. If you have not done so yet, I recommend you subscribe to his channel. You can watch the full review for yourself here.

Autonomous Charging Robot
Photo Bjorn Nyland

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